Uric Acid: are You Utilizing Vitamin C to Manage Gout Uric

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Uric Acid: are You Utilizing Vitamin C to Manage Gout Uric

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Uric Acid - are You Utilizing Vitamin C to Manage Gout Uric Acid?

You're like many people, then you'll no doubt be shocked to hear that controlling your gout, uric acid quantities and signs can be as simple as drinking lemon juice!

Spanish study published in the American Journal of Medical Nutrition in September of 2003 revealed that uric acid amounts are decreased by the vitamin C in orange juice. It is rather interesting to note that people like checking out Uric Acid if they exist in an easy and clear way. The discussion of an article too is very important for one to entice people to read it! :D.

  • The study, six females and 6 men had been needed to drink 2 glasses of orange juice every day for two weeks.
  • They needed to drink a 250ml glass in the morning, and another one in the afternoon, for an overall of 500ml daily.
  • This usually suggested that they were taking in an extra 250mg of vitamin C every day.

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Scientist consider this to be extremely important news; specifically considering that it was just an increase of 250mg day-to-day (compared with a regular vitamin C supplement, which is 500 to be able to 1000mg) and the research study just lasted just 2 weeks. They believe that drinking two times as much juice over a longer time period, for instance a month or half a year, and even a whole life, might help to completely minimize uric acid levels and avoid gout attacks since continual decreases in uric acid level might be achieved.

But even much better was that after two weeks, the male individuals had lowered their levels of uric acid by roughly 12.5 percent, while the ladies had actually minimized their levels by 6.5 percent. By the end of the vitamin c study every participator had reduced his/her gout uric acid levels.

Considerably larger study carried out in 2005 evaluated supplement C's effectiveness for lowering uric acid levels. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland and published their research study results in the June Arthritis and Rheumatism journal of the very same year which utilized dietary supplements of 500 mg instead of orange juice. The research study saw comparable reductions in uric acid levels.

The remaining part of the diet throughout the two-week duration, supplied each of the participants with about 136mg of vitamin C a day for the males, and 112mg for the females. This made the day-to-day consumption of vitamin C concerning the male participants 386mg and for the woman individuals it was 362mg.

However, remember that this study had actually been carried out on healthy people' old 20 to 32. Also most medications prescribed to cut down uric acid might reduce levels more significantly and also rapidly than depending on vitamin c therapy on it's own. The benefit of the Vitamin c method is that it's a great deal more enjoyable than utilizing drugs and also more affordable. Plus there are none of the nasty negative effects that many of the gout drugs have. But if you're thinking about utilizing vitamin C in order to reduce your uric acid levels, you should first speak with your medical professional.
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